Berlin – big change combined with steady diversity

For the residents in Berlin it’s daily life to live in the biggest city in Germany and for outsiders Berlin is always a place of longing. Not many other cities were subjects of constant change, on brilliant eras darker followed and vice versa. Nevertheless the city always attracted people from all around the world either for living or visiting. A closer look into the cities statistics reveals that the influx is continuing. There were 60 500 people moving to Berlin sole in 2016. Once you arrive at the city, you probably won’t leave anytime soon. Berlins atmosphere can be soaked up with each walk through the city.

The diversity in Berlin is not limited to its residents, but each of the 12 districts has its own charme. Ranging from the green and middle-class Steglitz-Zehlendorf, the never growing up Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg to the historic and prestigious Mitte – everyone will find a place to favor.

Besides of the cultural diversity Berlin is also one of Europeans leading cities regarding green spaces. Approximately 2500 public gardens and parcs combined with lots of lakes in the city and around are worth to get explored at a nice weekend trip.

Thanks to the heavily good public transport system it’s easy to reach each destination in and out the city in no time. Berlin has lots of cultural activities to offer with 3 operas, 150 theaters, 180 museums and about 440 galleries.

The creative industry is besides of the tourism one of the most important sector of the economy. Furthermore numerous biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries as well as IT- and Communications are leading economies in Berlin. As prestige university- and research base the city attracts more and more specialists.

The never ending immigration to Berlin, the economic up rise with a decreasing number of unemployment and the good public infrastructure are leading to a high demand in living space especially in sought-after inner-city districts. The high-rise of average prices per square meters for condos is the outcome – in the average it rose by 9,6 % in the last year. Living in Berlin is still cheap, but the standard is slowly adjusting to other European cities.

Whoever wants to buy a condo in Berlin, it’ll be a worthy and future-driven investment!