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There is probably no better way to provide for your retirement than opting for homeownership. This is true all the more so during times when inflation eats up what little interest your bank savings may still collect. As a homeowner, you need not worry about falling on hard times in old age. Moreover, you build up wealth that you will be able to pass on to your children later on.

And the conditions for homeownership have never been easier. While the low level of interest rates is bane for savers, it is a boon for condominium buyers, because it paves their way to affordable long-term mortgage financing. In fact, buying an apartment is currently cheaper than renting, as the IW German Economy Institute in Cologne found in a survey it conducted on behalf of ACCENTRO.

But it is of the essence to pick the right kind of apartment when buying. After all, whether and how quickly the property value and the rental income of a buy-to-let investment grows depends chiefly on the location of the property. This explains why demand for residential real estate in Berlin is so keen. The German capital is prospering and growing. The number of residents is rising steadily, as is the number of jobs, and an end to the boom cycle is nowhere in sight. The city council’s own forecasts predict that Berlin’s population will grow by more than 180,000 people between now and 2030. The potential of Berlin’s housing market is boosted further by the fact that the current rate of housing construction fails to keep up with the city’s demographic growth, and to address the already blatant housing shortage.

The district of Wilmersdorf in the borough Charlottenburg-Wilmersdorf counts among the most coveted locations in Germany’s first city. This is quite plausible in the sense that Wilmersdorf, while lying in the very heart of West Berlin in direct proximity to Kurfürstendamm, is characterised by tranquillity and refined elegance. A residential investment in Wilmersdorf is therefore one of the most popular and safest ways to commit your capital in the German capital.


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